The inocentes are becoming more at home

2 Jul

We are becoming more and more acclimated to Medellín each day that passes. Yesterday, Tamera showed Greg and me the Target of Colombia, el Exito. They sell food, booze, toiletries, motorcycles, clothing and anything else you may think you need. It’s only a short walk from our current and future apartment(s), so we’ll plan on making the Exito our second casa.

On a completely unrelated note, I am sad to say that I think papaya tastes like the moment before you’re about to barf. I’m not sure why my palette is so prejudiced against fruit (eg: why are melons 90% water, 10% color and 0% flavor?; pears, what’s with the grain?; do people seriously eat nectarines?; plums, don’t even test me right now). I will simply have to look in other places to get my daily servings of fruit.

Last night, Greg and I were on our own for dinner, and we were able to successfully navigate ordering dinner, asking questions and figuring out how to pay with our limited knowledge of Spanish. Though between us we probably have had about 10 years of Spanish courses, the words didn’t seem to flow at first, but they’re coming along now. It’s sort of like you open your mouth to ask a question, start asking it, realize you don’t know the word for something, and then all of a sudden, the word comes out of your mouth! MAGIC! I still cannot joke in Spanish, however, so whenever I want to say something that I think will be endearing or funny (key word: THINK), I end up opening my mouth, then frowning because I don’t know the correct conjugation, then just laughing kind of like a maniac. I’m sure people think there is something not right going on with me.

This morning, I was able to get out of bed before 9AM and hit the boxing gym Knock Out with Tamera and Suzanne. While I could not understand anything my trainer asked me to do, he eventually would just move my arms around so I could get into proper sit-up form, or pull the weights in a way that wouldn’t throw my back out of alignment. Sadly, after the weight circuit, I experienced a bit of altitude sickness (dizziness, shakiness, paleness….well, pale-er-ness) and had to sit out the actual boxing part. Very sad, but very much looking forward to going back to get my punches in.

Today’s general goals: drink water, eat fruits, take it easy. Specific goals: find lulo.


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