An inocente reflects on her time here thus far

2 Jul

Please forgive the flow of blog posts. There has been a power struggle between Gloria (the woman who cleans, cooks and pays the bills for Camilo’s house, aula and bar) and the woman who manages the bar. It seems the woman who manages the bar wants to supplant Gloria, so Gloria called her bluff and said “why don’t you start with paying the internet for the apartment”. The bar manager has not yet paid the bill, so it seems that Gloria’s job is safe (as if there was any doubt in the first place). We have yet to have internet at the apartment and I’m writing from the aula, which has the perfect ambiance for a sunny Saturday before a big, big poetry festival.

Tam and Jota have been wonderful and attentive hosts, anticipating our needs and being attentive to our questions and concerns. They introduce us to tienda owners in Carlos E. so that we are “known” there as people from the neighborhood who should be looked out (there is also a second purpose: to know that if we step out of line, they should tell Tam & Jota…so I have to keep Greg in check). They shepherd us around to new areas so that they can show us the “right” way to do things (cross a footbridge, cross the street, etc.), and then they give us advice as to where we should roam on our own, with specific instructions as to what to do and what not to do.

Generally, we have met some incredibly warm people here through Tam and Jota. Some are young artists who are part of PBM (Project Boston Medellín), and some are architects or family friends of Jota. As we become more and more accustomed to using Spanish, we are able to communicate with a broader group of people, and we are totally jazzed about that.

Finally, we are very happy to be here during the months of July and August. Tonight is the beginning of the International Poetry Festival, where poets come from all over the world. This evening will be the inaugural event at an open-air theatre, and the rest of the week has events at different parks and gardens throughout the city.

In August, we will also be enjoying the Festival of the Flowers. Colombia’s three most important exports are coffee, emeralds and flowers (FYI: cocaine accounts for less than 1% of Colombia’s GDP. Meanwhile, Peruvians are now dealing with the many problems associated with coca production). The Festival of the Flowers should be a wonderful and colorful celebration, and I will certainly be taking many pictures (as well as taking in my weight in Zyrtec).

Final reflection:

  • fried plantain chips as streetfood? Get fat, fatty.

2 Responses to “An inocente reflects on her time here thus far”

  1. Lea Anthony July 2, 2011 at 6:57 pm #

    Great to read your daily blog as it really connects us. Glad to know you are meeting people and throwing your Espanol down. Have fun at the poetry festival and eat your fruit. XOXO Love, Mom

  2. Lea Anthony July 2, 2011 at 8:51 pm #

    Hey Nins,
    suggestion: Put your name at the bottom or somewhere on the Blog so people know it is you…;) xoxoxoxo

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