A bout with sickness and some more adventuring (this time, with a few pictures)

6 Jul

The past few days I have been battling my first fever in probably two or three years, and it has not been fun. I forgot how lousy fevers can be, with all of the aches and pains and discomfort. I tried to fight it on Sunday by walking around a bit, going hat shopping with Greg downtown (he found a good one!) and taking a nap, but on Monday I spent the entire day in bed, drifting in and out of sleep, fighting it off as best I could. It all seemed to work out, and on Tuesday I was just dealing with a bit of exhaustion and today I’m definitely feeling more like 95%. I certainly expected that any sickness I felt in the early days here would be food- or water-related. Silly me, just a fever.

Yesterday, Greg and I walked just about everywhere. We hit our first very touristy spot, and it was the first place that we thought using our digital cameras wouldn’t make us such a target for thieves. We went to Plaza Botero (named after the artist whose statues populate the plaza, Fernando Botero) and spent our morning with the statues, some coffee and then with a long walk through different neighborhoods on the way back to Carlos E.

I can offer no commentary on the statues other than they are fatties. Okay, one more commentary: if I have to be out in the hot, equatorial sunshine looking at bronze statues, I’m glad they were absurd and fun, not deep, perplexing monuments to pain…or whatever.

Okay, all of you hounds desperate for pictures can feel free to dig right in. More will come…eventually!


One Response to “A bout with sickness and some more adventuring (this time, with a few pictures)”

  1. Lea Anthony July 6, 2011 at 5:09 pm #

    Oh Sweetie..so sorry you had a fever. Hope you are all better and found your self a big shady hat.
    Pictures are interesting of artwork. Buddha bellies too.
    Keep sending the photos from your journey!
    No more sickness please!

    Love and hugs to you both, Mom

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