The inocentes go to the right place: la biblioteca!

7 Jul

We had one aborted trip to the Parque Biblioteca España on Tuesday. I was just getting over a fever, and I would have weird moments of weakness coupled with breathlessness and just a twist of anxiety. The last thing I wanted to do was be in a small, enclosed gondola on the MetroCable going up the side of the Andes to the Biblioteca, so we waited until today to board the small, enclosed and crowded gondola on the Metrocable to make it up to the looming, marble edifice set into the hillside.

The library itself is at once ominous and welcoming. It’s all sharp edges, diagonal windows and black bricks of marble looking out over the valley below. Compared to the open-air buildings of Medellín–most with red brick or whitewashed walls and red tiled roofs–the library looks like some futuristic fortress from whence there is no escape. Inside, however, it is just as light and airy as you please. It’s well kept, neat, and has friendly staff. I can’t wait to see the other Parques, but España is certainly a special one.


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