Río Claro, super claro

11 Jul

On the way to Camilo’s  finca we stopped off at the Río Claro natural reserve to check out the river and all that the reserve had to offer.

As we began our short hike to a beach along the banks, we were in awe of the reserve itself. It was so beautiful and wild (with huge, marble mountains covered with rich, jungle foliage) that it seemed fake. This was a true-to-life, perfect Disneyland replica…but real. There were small caverns with stalactites (and slowly forming stalagmites) that we walked through and huge, blue butterflies flitting around the jungle.

The river itself was warm and–true to its name–clear and beautiful. We swam around through the current, crawled up and into caves and took in the beauty of the area.

The reserve is really popular for people looking to get away and do some adventuring. They do  spelunking tours, river rafting and kayaking, as well as short hikes through the reserve. The area is pristine (people care about keeping it clean) and the people were so nice along the river banks, helping strangers climbing into caves, taking pictures and striking up conversations.

It was a wonderful stop along the 4 hour drive to Camilo’s finca, and we were so glad to enjoy ourselves outside.


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