Medellín’s Jardín Botánico

17 Jul

Before the post begins, just wanted to let the five readers out there know that I added more pictures from the finca weekend, both of the house and the Río Claro. I finally had a chance to upload pictures from Greg’s [much nicer] camera; he took some really wonderful shots.

Also of note (before this post begins) is that we had a chance to check out our new apartment. Once Camilo returns from Europe, we will be moving to the other side of Carlos E. to a new building. The building itself is relatively new, with a pool, a small gym and modern amenities (which means a lot of different things here, depending on the neighborhood). We are on the 18th floor and have a stunning 180 degree view of the surrounding mountains and barrios. We will likely move into our new place mid-August.

Okay, on to the more important stuff! Today, Greg and I ventured over to Medellín’s Jardín Botánico. The space is free to the public and–unlike some things that are free to the public–is well-maintained, modern, educational and super family friendly. Unlike some spaces that are open to the public (I’m lookin’ at you, Arnold Arboretum) the space is free to be enjoyed, and there were many families and friends having picnics, playing games and enjoying themselves.

While the garden has many different sub-areas (desert, jungle, etc), the most impressive of all is the Orquideorama, a space designed to foster the growth of orchids, Colombia’s national flower. Orchids are–I have heard–hard to maintain, so the fact that this structure can sustain the growth of these orchids in an environment that is relatively open to the elements is impressive.

We spent time strolling through the gardens and checking out the Casa de Mariposas, indulging ourselves in some awesome butterfly ogling.

Sadly, my camera wasn’t working…but–far better–Greg brought his awesome camera along!

As a last aside, there have been two separate incidents of flying animals being stuck in our apartment. The first was a bat (I’ve learned that, in Spanish, bats are given a much more dignified name: murciélago), and though I thought I’d be more freaked out, it just kept to itself until it found its way out of the house. The second incident was a bird that was just chillin’ in the living room by the sliding glass door when we got home today. It was uncomfortably comfortable with me, and I had to push it out of the door with my foot. It was probably hurt, though, so sorry about that, bird, wherever you are.

But, honestly, as a final aside, what is with all the penalties in national games, lately? Is everyone just getting as good as everyone else? In addition to the WWC final (sads!) two of the four quarterfinals in Copa America have been decided by PKs, including Brazil’s loss to Paraguay in what had to have been the absolute, most pathetic PK series I’ve ever seen. Brazil did not score one PK, and Paraguay won after putting only two of four away. Guys, I shouldn’t be the one to tell you this, but at that stage, you should be able to score at least one goal on PKs, if not put it away every time. I would cut them some slack by saying that the turf looked a little wrecked but…nope, there’s no excuse. You’re paid millions to tens of millions of dollars. Make it happen.


2 Responses to “Medellín’s Jardín Botánico”

  1. Lea Anthony July 18, 2011 at 2:23 am #

    Beautiful flowers grow there, orchids, so I am going to forward this to Uncle John and Aunt Mary. Must be the perfect temp and climate for happy orchids. We probably buy many of our orchids from there originally, but do have many farms in CA that grow them near the coast.

    So, you will be living in new quarters. Lucky you! Just keep taking pictures, and I hope your camera is not down for the count. A gym is nice plus a stunning view. Cannot wait to see it. Just do not get too comfortable there as we do not want to have a family intervention.

    Dad left for Wisconsin at 3am and they are having a heat wave—115 degrees one
    day! He will miss his birthday but be back Tuesday.

    I held my breath during the USA team V Japan and those PK’s. God I hate those things.
    Karma went to Japan, something they truly need.

    Did you buy and orchid to take back home to your apt as a pet?

    Love you both and sending hugs and kisses. Mom

  2. Mary Hughes July 19, 2011 at 8:06 pm #

    Nina-We have been following your blog. What an adventure you are having!!! The pics of the orchids were beautiful and John soooo enjoyed seeing them. As he grew them a long time ago he has always had the wish to go to South America to see them in the jungle setting-not so much for me. Love, Aunt Mary

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