Inocentes checking in

24 Jul

All is well here in Medellín, where the weather is perfect, the people have been kind (so far) and the cab drivers multitask. Just today, our kindly cab driver was reading from a flyer for the Feria de las Flores, explaining the different events and what we would expect, making eye contact with us in the rearview mirror and driving us through downtown traffic Medellín on our way to the chi-chi mall, The Tesoro. What makes this feat impressive is that lanes are a “state of mind” here. You’d never know it, but those two-lane streets? You can really fit four or five cars across if you try hard enough.

I figured I’d upload a few pictures from my camera phone of things you’ve [mostly] already seen. One of them is a beautiful fountain/statue called…uhmm….Life? Something deep along those lines. It’s just across the major street from our apartment, and it’s beautiful. Another picture is my camera phone’s attempt at a panoramic shot from the Tesoro. It’s an open-air mall (ASIDE: MALLS ACROSS THE GLOBE SMELL THE EXACT SAME!) and the views from the mountainside are stunning. Unfortunately, given the quality of my hardware, you can’t see the expanse of the city and the green mountains beyond, but rest assured: it is lovely. The rest are orchids, orchids and butterflies. Enjoy!


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