28 Jul

I am not the best Californian. I mean, I’m pretty Californian, through and through (the sun, the sand, the mountains, [some of] the people, the wine, the majesty, etc), but there is one thing that I don’t understand: avocados. I just…don’t get it. I simply view guacamole as an accessory to delicious tortilla chips.

But DAMN people, the avocados here? Monsters.

Look at those things! They’re obscene!

Every day, a man walks by our house, his cart filled with different vegetables, fruits and these obscene, green, hulking avocados. Every day, his refrain is the exact same: a deep, booming crescendo of “aaaaaaaaaAAAAAguacates! aaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAguacates!” And, over time, he has beaten down my defenses and I, too, am eating avocados like a mindless, avocado-loving zombie. Except that I still think of them as an excuse to eat something else. But now I think of them as an excuse to eat A LOT of something else.

Still navigating our way through Medellín prior to the upcoming Feria de los Flores. I’m working a bit remotely for my old job in Boston for now, and Greg is freelancing like a good, starving writer. But with these aguacates, I think we’ll be able to get by 🙂


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