A few photos from the Feria

17 Aug

I stole Greg’s camera to send along a few photos of silletas, dancers, flowers, fun, etc.

The final parade was held at 3PM on a hot, hot afternoon. Because we were 1km away from the starting point, the action didn’t reach us until around 4PM. We began holding our place near the railing at 1PM, and by the time we departed at 6 we had been through all manner of emotions. First, we were excited; then we were hot; Greg made friends with the man next to him (who took Greg’s notebook to write down an informal list of Colombian hot spots for travel); then we were annoyed at the girls in front of us standing on their chairs; then we were wondering why 3PM wasn’t coming along sooner; then we were hot; then our legs got tired; I had to crouch down to avoid heat stroke; then it was 2PM…and this continued until things began happening at 4.

If anyone reading this is like “Hey, you know? I want to go the Feria in the future!” I will advise you very strongly to pay for seats. One side of the parade is lined with people standing and waiting around, and the other side is made up of covered, temporary stadium seating (surprise, surprise: “poor people…you guys stand for a few hours in the hot sun; rich people, right this way!”). While you might think standing in the hot sun, open to all manner of elements and people crushing up against you, for 6 or so hours might not be such a big deal, I advise you no to be a hero. Or, if you have the resources, come very, very early and bring a few chairs with you, along with water, snacks and a few umbrellas.

I could include all treintyTHOUSAND pictures Greg took, but I think it best to include a few that I felt were representative of the parade, as a whole. While the bulk of the pictures are bursting with color and life, I think sending too many along will desensitize you to flowers, and I’m concerned about that/you.

In other news, we have moved into our “permanent” apartment here. Still in Carlos E., but now with a stunning, 18th floor view of the city and surrounding mountains. Pics to follow..sometime.



One Response to “A few photos from the Feria”

  1. Lea Anthony August 26, 2011 at 4:29 am #

    Great pictures and I would not be smiling either carrying all that weight.
    The little chihuahua in the dress was the best. Soooooo cute!
    Percy is jealous an now wants one.
    XO mom

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