A view from the new inocente headquarters

17 Aug

Please forgive me for how much I use this panoramic function. I’m not very good at keeping me hand steady, so there are usually a few trees that are cut in half, or a rolling mountain that becomes jagged from one frame to the next.

I think this one turned out OK (after six or seven attempts to hold my breath and keep my hands steady).

The complex is new, and the apartments reflect that, with open windows, huge and beautiful tiles and modern bathrooms. There is a small, small pool and a smaller gym, and our place has two bedrooms, two great bathrooms and a lovely kitchen. Jota’s family was kind enough (and by kind enough, I mean incredibly, unbelievably generous) and loaned the apartment some furniture from their finca, so we have two beds (and three mattresses for an extra bed in a pinch), HAND SEWN COVERS for all mattresses, a futon, a kitchen table, chairs and a sense of home. Also: did I mention hand sewn covers for the mattresses? I forgot to say for our futon, pillows and sheets as well.

The view at night is stunning, but I think the shadows in the afternoon are the best part of living in this apartment. Not the best part: looking down or thinking about earthquakes.

Happy thoughts…happy thoughts…

Visitors welcome.


2 Responses to “A view from the new inocente headquarters”

  1. Lea Anthony August 18, 2011 at 5:23 pm #

    Well, I knew the panoramic function on that camera would come in handy someday and so it did. Great view. You and Greg are living the sweet life up in your apt. There really is something special about a room with a view…makes the place very livable.

    Jota’s family has been very good to give you the furniture and bedding. Now it must truly feel special. See if you can get a shadowy picture to send. You will become quite good at the panorama feature I bet.

    Think about earthquakes when you get back to California!

    Kisses, Mom

  2. Brian August 18, 2011 at 5:26 pm #

    Visitor to be arriving shortly.

    All this talk of hospitality is unnerving. We need to introduce these fine people to some US east coast stand-offishness

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