Inocentes, kickin’ back

27 Aug

Now that I’m a proud and responsible blog owner living abroad in a country with a poor public image, I know it’s my duty to keep all friends and family dutifully informed that we are alive and well and thriving.

Typically, I try to do this with anecdotes about travel or cultural experiences. These are fun for me to re-live, sometimes interesting for others to read, and usually have pictures (those things that everyone keeps asking for). Lately, however, I have been shut-up indoors for 40 or so hours each week, telecommuting to Boston, which means that when the weekend comes, I’m like “I don’t want to go to Guatapé! I want to sit here and relax!” or all “Tell that cultural festival outside of our apartment complex to keep it down! I’m trying to take a nap!” or sometimes “Is that a baby? Laughing? Keep that joy down over there!” Yep, I’ve re-curmudgeoned, and this means there aren’t that many fun anecdotes to tell.

But that’s OK, I guess. My work (which I’m happy to do, and which I enjoy doing) won’t last forever, and I’ll be back to bumming around in the streets, talking to cab drivers and shop owners about Medellín and paisas, and how those creeps in Bogotá don’t even know how much more awesome Medellín is, etc.

But, in order to keep it real, I’ll offer a few tidbits that have happened over the past 9 or ten days:

  • There’s an English-language magazine here in Medellín called Jack Magazine, née The Arepa. We read it, and it could be interesting for you to read, also
  • Did I mention we take salsa lessons? Our friend Veronica teaches them, and she is an amazing dancer. Truly, there are points during our lessons where I would prefer to just watch her dance salsa by herself, without a partner, because it’s so beautiful. Greg and I improve marginally each week, and we will plan on having all visitors (whether they like it or not) dance a salsa lesson or two with Veronica
  • We are art buyers now. It was inevitable that we would become buyers down here, given the talented group of artists that we get to interact with. Of course, in the US, I would balk at shelling out precious skrilla (that could be otherwise spent on foodstuffs (or booze!)) on art, but here it seems like a great way to support the creativity of our friends and bring back something unique and beautiful
  • Tam returned to the US to begin preparations for the new school year. It’s a bummer to have her gone; while here, it was so helpful to have her be our cultural touchstone and part-time translator, as well as a voice of reason and calm. We owe…pretty much everything we have here so far…yep, everything…to her and Jota, and while that network still remains here despite her departure, it’s sad to have someone who has been so vital to our successful existence here depart. That’s OK; she’ll be back
  • Brian arrives in 2 weeks! We are totally going to start planning our six day hike to the Ciudad Perdida and our other coastal hotspot vacations to Tayrona, Santa Marta, la Guajira, and, if we’re up to it, Sapzurro and some Panamanian beaches, though I think that the Panama part of the trip may have to be done at a different time (that’s a difference of about 4-500 miles, as the crow flies). Regardless, I hope he brings his frisbee (HINT HINT)

So, it looks like we are all caught up. Don’t be strangers! And–Brian–get ready!


2 Responses to “Inocentes, kickin’ back”

  1. Lea Anthony August 29, 2011 at 6:55 am #

    You have to work to make money to pay the bills. so, good for you honey as you have stuck by Amnisure to be of assistance.
    Enjoy Brian when he visits the salsa class.

    Dad will be going to China soon.
    We will see Grandma Frances next weekend and visit with the gang.
    Love to you both, Mom

  2. Brian August 31, 2011 at 7:25 pm #

    Luckily I have had a few salsa lessons myself although I see no correlation between the intro to salsa I’ve received and what the good dancers are doing but I will give it a shot. I am fired up to see you guys soon with frisbee(s) in tow.

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