Brief update with two blurry photos and one landscape

1 Sep

Remember when I was all “waaaah we don’t do anything and I work so hard and life is boooring and is it nap time yet?” Yeah, I still feel that way sometimes, but we totally went out that day and had a blast with our friends Vanessa and Veronica (sisters) and their mom and a friend.

Veronica is our salsa teacher, and her (our?) friend Alejandro, who is also one of our salsa teachers, was part of a parade of artists. Veronica was all “hey guys, totally come to this parade!” and we were like “what kind of parade? We don’t know what you’re saying, but OK!”

We got there after a harrowing-ish cab ride. The driver was super paisa and wanted to tell us everything about Medellín and where we should go to eat and what we should eat and was also trying to help a few people out who were trying to get directions…oh, and it was also his daughter’s birthday and he wanted a mariachi band to play a few songs, so when he saw a man dressed in mariachi regalia on a street corner, he cut across all lanes to get his number and make the arrangements. Anyways, for one part of the ride, we were driving through a visibly bad part of town in stop and go traffic. I was sweating in my seat, thinking “all someone has to do is walk right up to me and ask for my purse. I am a sitting duck” and I think Greg was also a bit uneasy. This was made worse by the fact that the driver kept saying “Man, guys, this is a crappy area of town, amiright?! You should not ever come here. You gringos? You should not come here. Man, this really is a bad part of town”.  Suddenly, there were cars inching past us, going the opposite direction of traffic.

“Guys,” our driver said “looks like this street is closed because of that parade thing you’re going to! Just hop out and walk one block straight and one block over, and you’ll be on the route. But seriously, this is a crappy part of town, don’t come back!” Luckily, the street had cleared out a bit, and things were considerably less seedy.

The parade was ridiculous. There was so much energy in the air, and the different artist troupes were dancing, singing and playing music. There were the requisite clowns and men walking on stilts, as well as a number of fire breathers because, hey, why not? When we finally met up with Veronica and the group, we were handed cheap paper masks and began following Alejandros’ group through the parade route.

At one point, it was hard to move through the sidewalk because of the sheer amount of people watching the parade, and so someone made the conscious decision that instead of walking alongside the parade, we would just walk in the parade. And so, we did. I have to say, though, that despite all of the freaks in makeup breathing fire, I think that the sight of a tall redhead was the most confusing to the audience.

So, I really wish I had brought my camera, but instead of a bunch of pictures of us in the parade, dancing along and yelling, you have a couple of blurry and sweaty pictures of us in the bar afterwards. Note: this is also the first time I have had beer through a straw. Note: there is no way to verify that previous note.

To balance out those grimy snapshots, there’s another shot of a view from one side of the apartment building. Not too shabby, there, Medellín; not. too. shabby.


One Response to “Brief update with two blurry photos and one landscape”

  1. Lea Anthony September 2, 2011 at 11:41 pm #


    Soothing words for a mother to hear way far away in CA. No more creepy taxi rides, or at least do not tell me please. Oh, the images!

    Glad you both had a good safe time and strange to hear during a parade of oddities Greg would stand out as the red headed tall oddity.

    Beautiful picture of Medellin, and keep it light gringos.

    Kisses, Mom,mm

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