An inocente’s favorite product thus far

2 Sep

Does your house ever have that “not so fresh” feeling?

I introduce to my dear friends and family my favorite Colombian product up to this point. Fabuloso, as its name implies, is totes fab. It will clean and freshen the air at the same time, which is really helpful for Colombian women* who are trying to get things done quickly so that they can go watch their telenovelas.

While you could trust scents like lemon or orange to freshen your household, why not try SCENT OF BABIES? Now, with more babies in every bottle!

I don’t know what it is about this that freaks me out. Ah, wait, yes I do:

  • the color
  • the smell (seriously, if there is a chemical smell this strong emitting from your child’s pores, get thee to a doctor, STAT)

But, at least we’re cleaning, right?

*I’ve yet to meet a Colombian man who cleans anything himself.


One Response to “An inocente’s favorite product thus far”

  1. Lea Anthony September 3, 2011 at 12:06 am #

    HA! Every place has it’s smells, and now you have a new one. Have not seen it imported into the states yet. Maybe you could start a new craze when you return, and all our homes will smell like babies, without the actual baby being present.

    Better than doggie breath for sure. Our pack just got washed yesterday, and beds washed, so smelling like clean dog smell now. Is there such a thing?

    Hasta luego mija, besos. Mami

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