Lazy Saturday

17 Sep

As I type this it’s mid-afternoon here in Medellín. While we had grand plans to make our way to Estefania’s lovely finca in Santa Elena, our Friday night caught up with us and we thought it better to relax here at home and see where the day takes us.

Last night we went out with Carlos and Erika to Parque Lleras in the Poblado (gringo party zone). While during the day Parque Lleras is kind of sad and gray, in the evening it is a party hot spot. There is music blasting, lights are sparkling everywhere, and people kissing on street corners and in dark alleys. To top it off, there are bars to fit any mood, and we toured five or six of them in our “tour de shots” last night.

Indeed, every three or four bars specializes in shots (sometimes called “shoots”, “shoosts”, “chots”, “chupitos” etc), and we would walk around, examine the menus plastered on the walls and choose something [debatably] delicious. Two of the bars we went to were new to me and totally awesome and alternative to the regular bars around town. The first was sort of a skull and crossbones theme, more in the vein of a pop culture día de los muertos set-up. The crowd was, by far, the most alternative I’ve seen here in Medellín. Don’t get me wrong, you’d see a higher concentration of alternative kids in just about any suburb in the US, but it was refreshing to see a smattering of tattoos and facial piercings, a departure from the relatively homogenous, “prettified” Colombian populous. The other bar was almost entirely furnished with recycled material. One seat was made up of thousands of soda can tabs, another was a repurposed shopping cart (which, on second thought, is probably unsafe to have around people who are drinking. Any type of seat with wheels is a drinking hazard) and the lights were masked with colorful glass and plastic bottles. It was super cool, and we had a long, long night of dancing, eventually stopping off to soak up the shots in a late-night típico, making our way home just before daybreak.

So, today has been a little lazy, and that’s OK. We spent the morning (or, I guess, early afternoon) lazing away in our NEW AWESOME hammock, writing and reading. There was an impromptu (or, at least, small and not formally planned) parade by our house celebrating the 40th anniversary of our neighborhood, Carlos E. Restrepo. It was a combination of two of the parades we’ve seen while here, with a silletero dedicated to Carlos E., a marching band and a few performers on stilts. The roads weren’t closed, so there was a weird blend of imminent danger and celebration. Regardless, it was a nice surprise on this now-grey, lazy afternoon.


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