Coastal inocentes

19 Sep

Tomorrow, bright and early, we’ll be headed for the Caribbean, and we are very excited to lounge around in the heat and take intermittent dips in the warm coastal waters between playing dominos and sippin’ on whatever beverage fits our mood (rum? beer? Mai Tai?! THERE ARE SO MANY CHOICES!).

Between the heat, the rum and the humidity, it may take me awhile to answer emails. I imagine this here site is on hold until the 3rd of October (when we return). I’ll plan on taking pictures of our many adventures (5 days hiking in the jungle! Boats to nearby islands! Eating lobster on the sand!) and sharing a few choice photos with you all.

Until then, we send our love and hope you are all doing well!


One Response to “Coastal inocentes”

  1. Lea Anthony September 19, 2011 at 9:00 pm #

    Love and kisses to you 3 explorers. Have a fabulous time and be safe.
    Momma Bear.

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