Inocentes back to normal…ish

18 Oct

Well, we sent off Brian the way he came in: with an evening of football at Hooters. He is now on his way to Panama City for two days until heading back to Denver. It was a great visit that included a significant amount of football, an unforgettable coastal trip and a lot of food. We hope he had a super time (and I can’t wait to hear about Panama).

So, now we’re just regrouping, getting back to “normal”…whatever that is.

We went to a concert on Saturday at a big plaza. Tiesto is a famous DJ but for the world I cannot understand what a DJ does in concert (I’m still not convinced he doesn’t just press “Play” and then pretend to turn a few knobs for a couple of hours). It was a good time, but a looong night. He didn’t end up starting his set until around 1AM and at 3:30AM we were spit back onto the street, trying to figure out our next move. We ended the night at a crossover bar (they play more traditional salsa/vallenato alongside rap, reggae and reggaeton) and watched the sun come up before heading home at 7AM. Like I said, a loooong night.

SO, after that night, Sunday was totally shot and Monday was filled with laundry, a bit of work, a heavy mid-day farewell lunch and an evening with wings and football.

I think my first order of business now that Brian is gone is a diet. HOLY MOLY we have had a lot of food these past few days.

Other than that, we are working away, cleaning house a bit and getting into a rhythm. We have a few travel plans that are beginning to form, including a trip of the dedicated coffee growing regions here in the state of Antioquia, but I think we’ll save that one for late November, a sort of Thanksgiving trip.

Other than that, all is well.


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