Important Colombian Skills: the hammock edition

19 Oct

The one thing that is sure to ruffle my feathers is being unable to adequately enjoy our hammock. When I’m diligently plugging away at work and I see Greg sneak outside with our big, bright orange hammock, a coffee and a book, I feel the pangs of jealousy spread and wish that hammocks were more conducive to me working on my laptop.

Hammocks are not conducive to me working on a laptop for a number of reasons (it could rain any moment, here; there’s nowhere to plug it in if the battery is low; it’s not easy to type) but the most important reason is this: it’s not easy to get out of a hammock! Sure, getting in can be a piece of cake, but getting out is sort of like taking your first few steps on the solid ground after jumping on a trampoline: not steady. I am not ready to risk my laptop as I try to stand up and avoid face-planting into the sliding glass door. I need both hands for balance.

But the hammock is important, because it is a Colombian skill. Hammocks are ubiquitous on balconies and are often fashionably strung across rooms in people’s homes. Our hammock is sort of a “beginner’s” hammock, if you will; big enough to fit two people and strung low enough that if we fall out we won’t hurt ourselves too much. But we will need to develop our skills to be able to escape the hammock with as much “grace” as we have planting ourselves onto it for an afternoon nap or a morning read.

So, hammock, an important Colombian skill. But, honestly, this post is just here to point out that I am jealous of Greg right now, and am maybe having bad thoughts about tipping him when he least expects it.


One Response to “Important Colombian Skills: the hammock edition”

  1. Lea Anthony October 20, 2011 at 12:58 am #

    I would have the same mindset to tip Greg off the hammock, but then we are from the same blood. Good thing you were a lady and did not dump Big Red.
    Not good to start a hammock vendetta…………..

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