An inocente and a cleaning conundrum

25 Oct

“Neat” is not a word used by any to describe my daily happenings. “Tidy”, likewise, is right out.

Don’t get me wrong: I don’t live in squalor. While not outright organized, I can be obsessive with putting everything in its place (that also goes for loading the dishwasher correctly) and am the cleaner of all things kitchen in our two-person apartment. But when I come home after work, a walk, a workout (and other “w”s), I just sort of let the things fall as they may.

A jacket here, a shoe there. The phone migrates from table to chair to chair. Sunglasses? Probably somewhere they are likely to experience death-by-sitting. Books?! Don’t even.

And, normally, when we have visitors in our home of the technician-type (Comcast et al) I’m never embarrassed by the semi-chaotic jetsam found on the floors, counters, chairs, and tables of the apartment. I mean, really, they’ve seen worse, right?

But in Colombia, it’s a sin to have an untidy, anything-short-of-spotless apartment. Every apartment I’ve been in has been pristine, and I find myself for the first time in my life embarrassed to have a cable technician come to check on our internet. Because even though this guy has likely been into less fancy apartments* and homes, those apartments are–on average–9-10 times more tidy than ours. Because, again, it’s sinful to be untidy. And we don’t even have enough things to be considered untidy (in my untidy opinion!)!

Note: this is not me maturing and wanting to be more tidy. This is my usual nonchalant, oblivious self being completely and utterly embarrassed by my inability to throw away useless fliers, put a book on its shelf where it belongs and try to collect the peso pieces littering our table and transfer them somewhere that makes sense. Gringa, please.

UPDATE! I was saved by the UNE technician coming later than expected and the surprise appearance of Gloria, who keeps our apartment up to Colombian standards. It made us appear like I care about cleaning! SCORE!

I am thinking of explaining this situation to Gloria, but I fear she will give me one of her knowing looks that conveys both “ah, my friend” and also “you are an idiot”. How does she do it?! Meh, we’re going to drink wine, instead.

*this apartment continues to be, without question, the nicest apartment I have ever lived in.


2 Responses to “An inocente and a cleaning conundrum”

  1. Lea Anthony October 26, 2011 at 12:17 am #

    Well, interesting my darling. You will probably find yourself wanting to be more tidy as you “mature” however I gave up years ago even trying to reason with your untidy room.
    Que sera sera…………..

    She is yours now Greg..are you a neatnick? If so you will have to fine Nina for littering.

    Thanks to heavens for maids, they are saints.

    FYI I was just out gardening and was stung by a wasp. Damn insects

    Be careful out there! xoxoxoxoxo Mom

  2. Lea Anthony October 26, 2011 at 4:53 am #

    On second thought, perhaps the cosmos is communicating to you that everything has its place. Keep Neat…..Just a thought …….

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