Longevity of marriage

1 Nov

Sometimes a lifetime seems, like, really long. Like, as long as a lifetime and junk.

We’ve been married for just over four months, now, which is cool. Nothing has really changed in our relationship except for two things:

  1. We are living in another country
  2. We sometimes use the wrong word for husband/wife in Spanish and come across looking wild (raised eyebrows when I talk about my esposa Greg. Then raised eyebrows when I yell out esposO! esposO!)

We also haven’t really accomplished anything traditional as a married couple, like getting all fat and pregnant or buying a home (or car! or dog!). We still haven’t really completed our honeymoon, yet.

But, if nothing else in this world, I can gloat that our marriage is now nearly twice as long as the staged matrimony between Kim Kardashian and that basketball player.

So, we’ve been married a lifetime in Hollywood years. You can expect our E! True Hollywood Story to air sometime when we hit the year mark. Wow, by that time our marriage will be, like, ANCIENT. Maybe it will be more like a History Channel documentary.


One Response to “Longevity of marriage”

  1. Lea Anthony November 1, 2011 at 10:40 pm #


    Enjoy your time together. You are still newly weds, however the spanish say it.

    Kisses, Mom

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