Inocentes and microbreweries

4 Nov

There are three pretty standard beer brands in Medellín: Aguila, Club Colombia and Pilsen. Sure, there are regional faves (Costeña is fittingly popular on the coast), but you can walk into any bar in Medellín and have a pretty good idea of what to expect.

Having done a bit of reading on Medellín in advance of our arrival, I had come across the fact that there is a burgeoning beer culture brewing (HA!) over here. This has occurred for what I’m sure are a number of reasons, but two big factors have got to be a growing working class made up of relatively young and college educated folk (median age in Colombia is 27), coupled with increasing exposure to American culture. And not just exposure through movies, but through ties with the US: almost every Colombian we’ve met has either visited the US for university or has pockets of family members living in big cities like Miami, NY or LA.

One of the first microbrews that we were introduced to here is a brand called 3 Cordilleras (so named because the Andes split into three different ranges, here)(I think). Near the Poblado, the brewery has set up a tasting room where you can drink and tour the operations (though it’s likely they brew on a larger scale somewhere off-site). And you would maybe be shocked to know that the brewery feels exactly like nearly every other brewery tour you’ve been on.

Big brick building? Check. Smell of hops? Check. High, warehouse-like ceilings? Check. Flannel? CHECK and mate.

It’s clear that the owner has spent his fair share of time working in breweries in the US (more on that to come via Greg…maybe) and has tried to recreate the atmosphere of those breweries here in Medellín. The brewery is only open to the public for tastings on Thursdays and two Fridays each month, when they have live music. The tour and tasting runs from 530-830, and admission is $20.000 pesos (~$10 USD). With it you get five beers and you can either keep your glass or return it at the end of the evening and get back your measly $5.000 pesos.

To me, five beers in three hours with no dinner means drunk and sloppy, so we settled for three each and then cut out for dinner. But it was a great time and we’ll certainly be back…potentially tonight for live music.


One Response to “Inocentes and microbreweries”

  1. Lea Anthony November 6, 2011 at 12:33 am #

    Good choice not to be drunk and sloppy. Better to go back and have some food and entertainment. Micro breweries spring up all over the world. Mike is gonna start one in the garage.

    Have you checked out his band on Facebook, Black and White Radio? I like Breathless.

    Monday it is Cambria for the us and our siblings. Cool California coast time.

    You both be well….kisses, L

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