10 Nov

Last Friday, Greg and I were doing the usual post-work-inocentes thing (walking around, buying food, drinking a few cervezas) and trying to plan our weekend when–wouldn’t you know it–Camilo stopped by his own bar and we started chatting.

We talked about many things–the controversial law 30 which would open public universities to private funding (most of the public academic institutions are on strike right now in opposition), life in Bogotá and things we totally have to do in Colombia. We ventured over to the aula after a time, and the key players that have becoming part of our lives here were all present.

At about 7PM Camilo leaned over to us and said/asked “So, you guys are coming to the finca tomorrow, right?” Not having heard anything about any finca weekend, but knowing full well the glory of the Castro’s country retreat, we jumped at the chance to return.

So, Saturday morning (just kidding: Saturday afternoon, Colombian Real Time!) we jumped into Camilo’s car and careened towards Doradal, Colombia. This place is a common place for fincas, being part of the countryside replete with cows, horses, exotic birds and the like. It’s also a hot spot for tourism, as there is a “water park” (read: a river) nearby, as well as Hacienda Nápoles, Escobar’s famous hideaway which has been turned into some kind of weird zoo/museum.

We arrived in the evening, with just enough time to get in a swim and have a few beers before hitting the hay. The next day, we lounged around the finca, swam, took walks in the countryside and ATE. The finca lifestyle dictates that you eat, and we ate very, very well.

While not much has changed structurally at the finca since our last visit (all of it is still intact)(not that there was a danger that it would be gone), there have been a few new additions, animal-wise. A five-day-old calf honked/mooed its way through the night, and there were three dogs protecting us/chewing on coconut scraps. A skittish cat had given birth and was nursing its equally skittish kittens.

Sadly, though, I learned that one of the macaws met an untimely end. Of the three parrots roaming the ground, the most bold macaw–perhaps the one that bit Tam once–had been eaten by a wild animal. The other two parrots, who were attached at the wing (!) during our last visit, continued to stay close to one another, squabbling and squawking, hanging out well above ground.

On Monday morning, we left for Medellín, rested and a bit browner. Who knows what last minute plans this weekend will hold?

I only took two pictures because I was too relaxed to care about anything else. So enjoy!


One Response to “RETURN TO THE FINCA”

  1. Lea Anthony November 11, 2011 at 8:17 pm #

    Bummer, I just left a long comment which mt iPad deleted. I will get in the Big Mac and redo. Kisses, Mom

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