Inocentes, tranquilos

18 Nov

Nothing much has been happening other than work, work, occasionally try to plan a getaway, work, work and workin’ it. And that’s OK. We go out for drinks or coffee in Carlos E., Greg accompanied our friend Estephanie to her tattoo appointment (there’s a burgeoning tattoo scene here) and Gloria cooked us a ridiculous steak dinner with a mushroom and wine sauce (during which she was like “why don’t you eat more meat? Meat’s good for you, girl!” and I was like “oh, Gloria! Deliciosa, muy rica, gracias!”).

So, anecdote about Medellín and the traditionally enterprising paisas.

It rains about once a day, generally in the afternoon when I’m done with work. This is my time to venture outside of the hovel, and we were on our way to shop for food with our last umbrella (the other decided to shed its mortal coil, quite literally, and we tossed that nest of plastic bones in the trash).

As we crossed the bridge towards the Exito, we noticed a woman struggling with her broken umbrella. Half of it lay flat against her body and she struggled to position this new cape towards the direction of the rainfall. It looked like an annoying song and dance.

We recognized her. She normally posts up on the steps of the bridge, selling rice krispie-like treats to passers-by.

The executive decision was, “shoot, let’s give her our umbrella”. So we followed her and gave her our umbrella, motioning to her broken sombrilla and our super nice, unbroken one. And she was very gracious and thankful, and then she was like “I am totally going to sell this, thanks guys!” Then she took it, closed it up and walked away.

Paisas: when they see a business opportunity, they take it.


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