The inocentes, full

21 Nov

This weekend felt very active, but in reality it’s just because I’ve been reading a lot of Sherlock Holmes (free on Kindle, ya’ll!). There are so many stories and subsequent resolutions; it is exhausting running alongside the narrative and trying to keep up and occasionally ahead of Holmes and Watson. Obviously, though, I am now equipped to solve complex, Victorian mysteries set in either London or the outlying country, so please feel free to send yours my way!

Outside of reading, though, we had a weekend of serious meals. Well, two serious meals, but isn’t that more than enough?

Saturday night Erika took us to a burger place in Las Palmas, overlooking the city. It’s not really a burger joint and more of a supermarket, but when a burger is that delicious the location is immaterial. It was roughly the size of my face and I needed all my faculties to keep me from falling asleep at the table after besting the beast.

Sunday was another story. Our friend Eva coordinated a mid-morning, brunch-ish picnic in a park near the lovely Museo de Arte Moderno MedellĂ­n. There were a lot of couples working out together but we didn’t let that spoil our enjoyment of the spread we had before us.

And what a spread! Our humble contributions included hummus, fruit salad, nutella, crackers and bread. We also enjoyed salami, cheese, donuts and mini-pasteles de guayaba. The star of the show, though, was a garlic and tomato sauce that a friend’s aunt had made. It went well with everything, and I know because I examined all possible pairings….sometimes more than once.

By the end, we were conquered by the food.

At home, relaxing, I finally had time to apply a hair mask that Gloria wanted me to try. She brought by an aloe stem the other day, and I mashed the aloe with 1/2 an avocado and applied to my hair. I learned two important things:

  1. Aloe is like ectoplasm. It will never come off your hands
  2. I don’t want to do any more hair masks

Honestly, applying avocado to my hair and then washing it out has been one of the least favorite activities I’ve completed, here. It’s also possible that I am doing it incorrectly (I may have missed the lecture on hair masks at Fancy Lady College) but I am not too keen on recreating the mess anytime soon.

In other news, Greg may be taking an assignment which would require him to travel a bit in the coming weeks, which is exciting. Now, I need to recover from yesterday’s food orgy.

Eva, Carlos and Erika in recovery-mode



One Response to “The inocentes, full”

  1. Lea Anthony November 21, 2011 at 5:50 pm #

    Hair mask in avocado is a fancy word for deep conditioner. You can also cut up your hair in a salad but do not serve it to friends.

    When you get home we need a serious hair intervention Nina!

    Hey, quit being the smiling helpful American and remember we do not want an international incident over an umbrella. I do not want to have to haul your butts home!, but mama Bear will come get you two if things get dicey.

    Be careful out there….kisses! Mom

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