The inocentes, rainbow & travel edition

22 Nov

We’ve seen our fair share of rainbows and double rainbows in the afternoon, here. Often, I try to capture it on camera, with mixed (and mostly shameful) results. But…you guys aren’t judging my photography, right?

More importantly, Greg’s editor at Ode approved a story about a barrio outside of Asunción, Paraguay. I have elected to journey alongside him, helping (if I can) with interviews and collecting information for the story. I am also looking forward to:

  • Drinking tereré (iced herbal tea)
  • Maybe visiting some Jesuit ruins at Trinidad
  • Walking along the Río Paraguay
  • Eating everything

We will leave early Wednesday morning for Bogotá in order to secure visas. From Wednesday-Tuesday evening, we will take in all that the capital city has to offer (side note: it better be good, Bogotá!). My friend Katie, who spent a year on a Fulbright in Bogotá, sent us some really great suggestions and we plan on capitalizing on those recs (especially the one about food).

Tuesday night we depart for Asunción from Bogotá, flying first to Santiago, Chile. We will enjoy the airport for ~7 hours and will then fly onward to Asunción. We return on the 7th of December, arriving in Medellín at 7AM on the 8th of December. FUN TIMES!

Asunción is +2 EST, so for all of you people with whom I Skype (hi mom & dad) be forewarned that I will be enjoying things 5 hours earlier than PST. I’ll let you know how things look.

With that, I leave you two more pictures of Medellín and rainbows. The panoramic hack job is one of which I am particularly proud/embarrassed.


2 Responses to “The inocentes, rainbow & travel edition”

  1. Lea Anthony November 24, 2011 at 6:38 pm #

    Beautiful rainbows! Next you will be needing a telephoto lens……

    • Lea Anthony November 24, 2011 at 6:39 pm #

      Oh yeah and careful eating EVERYTHING!

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