An inocente ponders: how many times can one nap while spending 7 hours in Santiago en route to Asunción?

30 Nov

Our recent trip to Bogotá ended with our midnight flight to Santiago, Chile. First, a note on Colombia airlines.

Airlines: so far, I’m impressed. Their counterparts in the US seem to cut every possible amenity (pillow, blanket, meal, snack, checked luggage, etc). The two airlines we’ve had a chance to fly–namely Avianca and LAN–have been a welcome departure from the “get-in-get-out-I-curse-your-name!” travel experiences that have peppered the past 10 years. After we took off last night at midnight, we were served a full dinner and given free headphones with which to watch the [free] in-flight entertainment system. More, please.

Now, back to our layover. 7 hours. At first I was sure I would sleep, but I am loath to leave my backpack and purse under Greg’s watchful and sleepy eyes (full disclosure: he is so sleeping right now). So I suppose I will keep myself busy until my power runs out (I didn’t opt to buy an adapter for Chile for our seven hours here, but I’m sort of regretting it). Also, I have my Kindle, and that bad boy is JUICED so I’m not worried about those batteries dying out.

So, now is as good a time as any to do a picture purge of our jaunt in Bogotá!

There were many lovely sites to see in Bogotá; some new, some gothic, some classical. While meandering our way through the old streets of La Candelaría, we happened upon a set of the on-going Law 30 protests that the students here continue to battle against. Recently, the students shut down the remainder of this year’s semester and a few days of the government to get the billed pulled fro m the table. It seems, however, the government wants to keep considering the law, despite student protestations. Students continue to be unhappy; fight back. It’s a vicious cycle.

During the marches throughout the city, the students do a lot of tagging, graffiti-wise (LEE Y LUCHA (read and fight)) and they also fill up water balloons with paint and splatter-up governmental buildings or multi-national corporations that are (or may) profit from the education bill. The big splotches of bright pinks and blues are impossible to miss and kind of lovely, and the buildings who pre-empt the attacks by wrapping every surface in saran wrap look pretty funny.

And those were our first exciting days in Bogotá! More to follow…


One Response to “An inocente ponders: how many times can one nap while spending 7 hours in Santiago en route to Asunción?”

  1. Lea Anthony December 6, 2011 at 7:39 am #

    Trying to post a comment from my iPad is challenging.
    Have fun and be safe. Love, Mom

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