Bogotá photo purge

30 Nov

After wandering around the city and getting caught up in student protests we decided to pursue a some more touristic ventures.

Friday, the owner of the hostel took us to a nearby barrio to meet a family that he would like to assist. They lived high up in the hills, and to think of walking it every day to and from work–up and down–was painful. Marta raised her three sons in this barrio, Santa Cecilia, and each of them are wonderfully different. Carlos, the eldest, was always on the look out for the other two; middle-child Leonardo preferred to never have his picture taken–ever–and spend his time drawing or reading; young, rapid-fire Sebastian chatted non-stop during our visit. And when he wasn’t chatting, he was just making noise. On our way back to the hostel, Marta made Greg write our names down on a piece of paper, saying “I’ve heard of gringos and I think I’ve seen them, but I never in my life thought I’d be sitting in a car with them!”. Er, you’re welcome! Etc.

Saturday we rented bikes and took on the Ciclovía. In Bogotá as well as Medellín, certain streets are closed down on Sundays and the populous is encouraged to get out and move around. The majority of participants ride bikes (with varying degrees of commitment and seriousness), some rollerblade, some run or walk their dogs. It was relatively flat, and before we knew it we had ridden almost 20 miles. My behind would be able to tell you, though, that those 20 miles came at a high cost; bike seats aren’t comfortable! Also: I feel off my bike trying to dismount. Greg laughed.

The remainder of our time in Bogotá was spent eating or relaxing. We enjoyed the lights and displays in the zona rosa (maybe too much?), read at cafes and ultimately prepared ourselves for this exciting trip we are now taking. Asunción…see you in a few hours!


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