The inocentes becoming los gorditos, part 2

12 Dec

One thing you should know about Medellín is that there is food everywhere. I felt the same way in Bogotá, but it seems more pronounced here, likely because this is where we have the most experience.

Every second tienda sells food, whether it is a bakery, a fast food joint or even an arepa or fruit stand. You will be walking in nature, trying to settle your mind and commute with it (and junk) and you will round a tree and find a lady selling delicious empanadas. Even at the airport, there are a number of food stops before you actually hit the security check-point. I think this is so that people can relax before flights with loved ones not traveling with them, but our overnight layover in Bogotá clued me in on another reason: if you are too early to check-in for your flight, you can just relax and EAT while waiting.

The food you buy off the street ranges from healthy (a cup of mango slices!) to unhealthy (did you want to cover those mango slices with sweetened condensed milk?) to unhealthiest (fried arepa filled with cheese covered in sweetened condensed milk)(that last one is so freaking good, though).

One of my favorite street foods is most definitely grilled and buttered mazorca. Think: corn cob, but somehow bigger and more ridiculous. Just sitting there, grilling. And then covered in butter.

So messy; so delicious.

I refuse to believe that this is going to make me fat. It’s corn! I’ll take three, please.


One Response to “The inocentes becoming los gorditos, part 2”

  1. Lea Anthony December 13, 2011 at 5:42 am #

    Heheheh……looks like you are eating a small, buttered, grilled, baseball bat.

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