A very inocente Christmas

25 Dec

We have been enjoying every second of Greg’s family visiting, and I hope they, too, have enjoyed the ride! We’ve tried to temper our touristic outings with long periods of rest in between, yet somehow we are still sleeping until 10AM, napping and then heading to bed at 10PM. Cultural exchanges are exhausting, y’all!

We’ve done a number of things here in Medellín, including visiting Plaza Botero (fatty sculptures), shopping in the hueco (translation: hole), seeing a movie in the VIP room at the really, really nice mall, Parque España, Parque Arví (where we ziplined!), the Estadio and much, much more. We’ve had some delicious meals (c/o Gloria and the always tasty incan restaurant nearby) and have had heard tell of lots of cultural interchanges that Mari, Marc and Torrey got to experience on their own. All in all, a good mix of togetherness and adventuring for the gringos.

We’ve also been eating a metric ton of fruit. We have already gone through two pineapples, any number of mangos and around 6…maybe 8…pounds of strawberries. Also, we bought the biggest bushel of bananas imaginable, and we are going to eat.them.all.

We have been trying to get into the Christmas spirit, but in the absence of American Christmas traditions, it’s hard to get things going. We didn’t buy a tree, but Greg did cut a branch off of a tree outside, so that fern-frond is serving us well. Torrey and Mari even made an ornament out of a Toblerone wrapper and some thread. Well done, ladies.

One very Christmasy event that we enjoyed was looking at the lights along Río Medellín. Every year the lights have a different theme, and this year the theme is…something. It has something to do with each barrio in the city. Maybe. But LIGHTS! Each barrio constructs a dazzling design that lines the river. Some even design a lighted sculpture that is suspended across the river. So cool! Also: probably expensive for the city to keep up.

Christmas Eve was very subdued. We stayed in Carlos E and relaxed at home. We even watched Uncle Buck, which isn’t technically a Christmas movie, but John Candy is in it, and kids get candy for Christmas, ergo Uncle Buck (also, John Candy also starred in Canadian Bacon and ham is a traditional Christmas meal, ergo Uncle…Buck? Admittedly, that one needs more work).

Today we will be EATING. It’s a really important Christmas tradition to all of us. Cookies, cake, shells, ham, stuffing…it’s a real Christmas up in here.

Tuesday we will head over to Salento, which is part of the official coffee region here in Colombia. It’s a nice 5-6 hour bus ride, so I’m looking forward to sleeping. Everyone else should be looking forward to the views!

We miss everyone and hope you are having a great holiday, wherever you are and whatever you might be celebrating. Much love from Colombia!


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