The inocentes, alone

6 Jan

NOTE: This is a two-part post because I am le lazy and wrote part of it on 12/29/11 and I forgotted to post. But now, because I can’t bear to let it go to waste, I’m not going to erase it. SORRY BUT I’M NOT SORRY.


Yesterday we traveled to the airport to see off Mari, Marc, Torrey and Garrett after ten fun-filled days of Colombian adventure (and Christmas!). It was fun having a full house and now things seem conspicuously empty…actually, it feels like we lost them. Did I dream we went to the airport? Did we maybe actually lose them? Only time will tell! (UPDATE: NOT LOST!)

Post-Christmas days were spent relaxing here in Medellín and also in Santa Fe de Antioquia. On Monday Marc, Greg, Garrett and I had lunch nearby, and talked about the things still remaining that we needed to accomplish. One of those things was to get Garrett a hammock, but Greg and Garrett had had no luck at the hueco. Luckily, in Colombia, vendors walking by with wares bother you at the table, and two men danced by us with hammocks. LUCK.

Tuesday and Wednesday were spent in Santa Fe. It’s a classical Antioquian pueblo, and many went their separate ways to enjoy the atmosphere, walking down cobblestone streets, lounging by the pool, getting massages, looking at the stars…it was a relaxing getaway and I can’t wait to see the pictures (Marc)(hint) (UPDATE: PICS ARE AWESOME). It was also the end-of-the-year festival in Santa Fe, and a big part of that festival is some kind of hand-made bull ring in which a bunch of younguns stand in this pen, throw chalk at each other, and run away from a bull. The ring was lined with children up on the bars and in trees, clamoring for a better vantage point. I had two children picked out who I would plan to save should the fencing fall down; it didn’t, so I couldn’t play the hero. Dang.

And now, our house is all empty. The visit made us miss home, a lot, but we’re halfway there to June! Now it’s time to plan our final trips and continue working on our espanish.

Also: Torrey (who is engaged!) left her bridal magazines. Have you ever read those? They are 200+ pages of condensed stress. Things you didn’t even think you had to worry about you now have to worry about. Tablescapes, centerpieces, chair doilies…gah. If any of you reading this (hi, Mom!) think you will be getting something fancy at our party, please to think again. We’re going to feed you and treat you like dirt and then get you drunk! (true/false/true) What more could you want?! And if I hear one person say anything about tablescapes, we are going to burn you in effigy.

Speaking of burning in effigy, there is a crazy new year’s tradition here. In our drive to the airport, I noticed a number of very creepy, unsettling life-sized cloth human dolls. They are packed with things like straw or cotton and clothed in pants and t-shirts. Most of them have a stuffed t-shirt for a face (with eyes and a mouth drawn on) and some even had cotton-ball hair. I asked our cab driver to explain, and he told me that at the end of the year, people in the barrios burn these in honor of the outgoing year to make way for the new year. It’s a little bit more lighthearted than burning in effigy, but only about 15% nicer.



Well, NYE was a subdued affair at the inocente apartment, and that was just fine by us. We drank some bubbly and relaxed, enjoyed some time to ourselves to reflect upon the fact that we live in another country and yes, we are doing this right now, living in another country. Also, we got married in 2011, which is a pretty cool thing that we are both not regretting.

While we didn’t see any dolls burning in effigy, we did enjoy the pyrotechnics at midnight. We strung up the hammock, poured ourselves a few glasses and watched hundreds–maybe thousands–of fireworks shoot off all over the city and mountainsides. It was one of those moments that you hope you remember for a long time to come. The fireworks were going off for hours before midnight, and once the hour struck you could hear cheering all over the city. The fireworks continued well into the wee hours of the morning. So great.

And then we never left the apartment, ever. I’m not kidding. I feel lame, but also regenerated. Lamely regenerated. We still have so much to plan and do, and only six months in which to do it all. Really, six months is a pretty sweet spread, but dang–where does the time go?

And yes, one of the pictures in the gallery is of Tara “TERROR” Reid. Well, a picture of a placard in the hotel we stayed at in Santa Fe. Part of me wanted to tell the staff that including that placard was sort of like telling patrons “This room has recently been fumigated to eliminate booze-hounding roaches wearing distressed blonde wigs” but, let’s be honest: my Spanish isn’t that great, and good-on-Tara Reid for holding on to relevance. Distressed blonde wig and all.


2 Responses to “The inocentes, alone”

  1. Lea Anthony January 7, 2012 at 4:49 pm #

    Of course you know I am reading your blogs religiously, genuflecting and making the sign of the cross……..

    Lots going on down there this past few weeks. Glad yoa all had fun and Garrett got his hammock. By the way, if you bring one home we will create a hammock area for Dad to sleep. Drinking in the hammock may take some training, but no doubt he will get the “hang” of it.

    Creepy dolls burning in Happy New Year in Columbia. No more creepy than the Italian tradition of a witch flying down the chimney to leave presents.

    Have fun and enjoy a safe healthy new year.
    Kisses to you both, Mom 🙂

  2. Lea Anthony January 8, 2012 at 12:44 am #

    Please explain the Tara Reid picture. Not sure about the terror part either.

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