The high flying inocentes

8 Jan

In nearby Parque Arví, there are a number of short zip lines through one of the parks. It’s fit for all ages, in that you aren’t strapped-in and dangling from a harness, but are instead belted into something akin to a flying seat. It’s more comfortable than a traditional harness set-up and it means that just about anyone can do it without too much training or prior know-how.

After our trip to Parque Arví, our friend Erika mentioned that there was also another zip line park in Santa Elena and so we set out on Saturday for some good old fashioned high-flying fun.

For both Greg and I, this was our first experience with a “traditional” zip line, where you are harnessed and helmeted-in and essentially using a leather strap on your glove as a brake. It was awesome and we can’t wait to go back.

There were five different zip lines and one repel down the trunk of a tree. All of it totally safe (RIGHT?!) and we had a blast. We can’t wait to go back, mostly for the fashion but also for the free ticket to scream as loudly as you can without anyone questioning your sanity or calling the cops.

The pictures don’t do the ziplining justice, namely because it’s impossible to take a proper picture of body flying at you at high velocity while you yourself are trying very hard not to fall off of the platform you are strapped to, but we tried! However, the pictures do justice to the fashion, which was every bit as uncomfortable, pinchy and yellow as it looks. Greg wore a flower in his helmet to spruce it up a bit; I think it was a bold but laudable move, especially as his flower lasted all the way through the course. My fashionable husband. Dang, don’t be jealous! Wait, BE JEALOUS!


One Response to “The high flying inocentes”

  1. Lea Anthony January 8, 2012 at 6:24 pm #

    Ahahahah! Good for you two! And…..Yes, I do beleive Greg’s arrive at least 5 mins before his body. Of course both of us are stumps so we can easily say stuff like that because we secretly want long sexy least I did.

    Anyway, fun to see you two flying around and having fun. Great adventures!

    Kisses, Mom

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