The inocentes and an asado

13 Jan

Recently (haha trick! last Sunday) our friend Carlos invited us to his home for an asado, or “bbq in which much food and drink is consumed and you dance”. We met some new friends, one who was an architect (surprise, surprise) and whose favorite place in the world (apart from Medellín, doy) is Sedona, Arizona. She participated in some mystic mountain chanting, or something, and now she’s in love with the place. Or maybe it wasn’t mystic mountain chanting but was something else…I don’t know, my Spanish ain’t that great.

The asado was so much fun. We ate and ate and ate and ate and ate. So. much. meat. The next day I had a food hangover (in addition to the wine hangover). It was a blast while it lasted, though! Carlos’ home is lovely, as we had heard from a number of our friends. It’s in the next town over, Envigado, which is more or less a suburb of Medellín, though a city in its own right. His house has an amazing view of the city on one side and a mountainside on the other. It was magical.

As I mentioned, we met a few new friends, one of whom is René, Carlos’ former brother-in-law, who is one of the few non-architects we’ve met during our time here. René also speaks great English, which was a pleasure to come across here in Medellín, where the populous has been so closed-off for so long that there aren’t many English speakers. As I’ve mentioned before, there is wide English comprehension, especially among those who work in the professional sector, but speaking a second language is very nerve-wracking, and it’s rare for someone to come right out and want to speak English, here.

ANYWAYS René has a great camera and enjoyed using it, so we took a number of pictures. Some of us dancing, some of us eating, some of us posing, some of us singing along and vamping for the camera (mostly me). These are some of my favorite pictures of our time here so far; we had a blast at the asado, and I feel that these pictures accurately capture what a great time it was. Serious props to René for being able to capture the moment(s).

ALSO IMPORTANT: I learned one of my fave words thus far in Colombia. While many of the great words I’ve learned during my time here are swear words (and are very expressive), the best to come out of our time here so far has been “macondo“, as in “que macondo” as in Marquez’s fictional town in 100 Years of Solitude. So, when something is strange, odd, weird or any derivative thereof, you c/would say “que macondo“. The lit nerd in me loves this so much; the pride in and ownership of Marquez that the word macondo implies makes me positively giddy. Does this mean I need to get out more? nope.


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