The inocentes, BORING

2 Feb

When we planned on going abroad and potentially working remotely, we were abuzz. We buzzed with the hope of not having to change out of our pajamas to work; we buzzed with the reality that we didn’t have to combat any rush hour traffic to make our way to/from an office; we stayed buzzed through the reality that we could travel and still get things done, living a mobile lifestyle and still getting paid.

But eventually, the excitement died away. As with anything new, there’s a honeymoon period before reality sets in, and our reality is now this: we are totally boring people leading boring lives in a foreign city. 

Maybe this is only a half truth. Our lives aren’t necessarily boring, but with my work and Greg battling deadlines, we excuse ourselves and stay in more often than we should. Additionally, January is a vacation month in Colombia, so our usual group of friends have been traveling around, enjoying time off of work and obligations. 

I guess this is an observation that we are starting to take Medellín and our situation for granted. You could transplant us to any other city in the US, and the plight would be the exact same: hermits who work and are like “we could go to a bar…or we could rent this movie on iTunes…”

Or maybe I am just homesick. I think these kinds of things come at you in waves. There’s excitement in the beginning, then you long for the comforts of home; you transition back to living in the moment abroad, and then you drop it all and start searching for apartments and jobs in the Bay Area, as if these 2B1bath hardwood floored Victorian apartments with tons of sunshine will be available in July. I fully expect us to shift back into “living in the moment” any time now…any…time…now…

BUT, I am also compiling a list of things that I am looking forward to, state-side:

  • CHEESE. Readers at home may not be aware of this, but all cheese in Colombia that we’ve encountered tastes identical. Mozzarella somehow tastes the same as goat cheese, despite the fact that they come from completely different animals. Even manchego (ugh, sheep cheese, I MISS YOU SO) tastes identical. I’m probably the furthest thing away from a cheese expert imaginable, but I do love me some cheese and you don’t need to have a sensitive palate to discover that all cheese here tastes the same. It’s not a bad taste, necessarily, but man am I going to take a roll of goat cheese to the dome when I get home
  • Wine. Colombia is a fertile place, but the national wine is…not that great. Sure, they have imports from stellar producers like Chile and Argentina, but something seems to be lost in transport and the final product always tastes like a wine/vinegar mixture. We’ve found one brand that holds up well to the ambient weather and perils of transport…but it’s not offered everywhere, unfortunately
  • Trader Joe’s. Cheap [and delicious] wine! All types of delicious [and cheap] cheese! And, specifically, spinach from TJ’s. Greg and I eat a lot of spinach for some reason. Fresh or frozen, it makes no difference, we eats what we likes and we likes what we eats. But the spinach here is also…not the one. The work you need to put in to getting even a fraction of what comes ready-washed in a TJ’s package is kind of a pain. Of course, it’s probably grown in a pesticide-free environment and goes straight from the ground to the store but…but…I miss spinach
  • Blueberries. When we leave Colombia, it will be sad to leave behind all of the fruit produced, here. All of it natural, from the ground to the cart, and all of it–without exception–bursting with flavor and color. But can somebody please think of the blueberries?! 
  • Firm yogurt. There’s a scientific reason why the yogurt takes one consistency over another, but I don’t know what it is. I do know that all yogurt here is a bebida, a drink. I’m not morally opposed to drinking yogurt, but I much prefer a bowl of firm-ish yogurt with some blueberries (sigh) sprinkled in

I actually tried to think of a non-food or drink item that I would miss; nothing. We don’t have to pay for heat or air conditioning because this place is the absolute perfect temperature every day, even when it rains. We don’t need a car because there is a good metro system and cabs, everywhere. WAIT! I thought of one:

  • Hiking. In the places we’ve lived, there have always been information on hiking trails and you know what to expect going in. I just don’t feel that way, here. Sad face.

OK, I feel better now, like I thought of something to miss that wasn’t food and therefore I have interests outside of food and drink. I’m proud of myself!!

Stay tuned for a list of things that I will cry about when I have to leave. There is going to be a ton of food on there.


One Response to “The inocentes, BORING”

  1. Lea Anthony February 4, 2012 at 3:18 am #

    Well darling girl, you have just entered that place where most working minds go……to the boring side of life. Staying in is something one gets used to as age, living and working begin to merge. I think it is called “life as the majority of people see it”…yep.

    I think there is that fact of life that says you are safe and warm, not starving or worried about every penny. That being said, boring actually is a good thing. Whenever my life is REALLY exciting I am either in the middle of some wacky or scary situation, or in Europe, and it is 99% the former situation.

    When you get home we will shower you with all things you and Greg have missed, so be prepared. We will all have a fun time……..until things again settle in your lives and you would really rather stay in your place and not jump around.

    Then kids come lurking into your peaceful lives some day, the merry go round begins, and you will have a hard time getting off the ride. So enjoy your boring times cuz they look pretty good to us. 😉

    Bored and happy, kisses and hugs. Mom

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