Inocentes, quitting Quito

9 Feb

After a bummer of a last post filled with rather melodramatic ennui, Greg and I opted to forgo renewing our visa at DAS (the governmental organization overseeing immigration) and take a trip to nearby Quito, Ecuador. In reality, our decision to travel to Quito had 50% to do with the fact that DAS had recently been replaced by a new governmental organization and we really didn’t feel like sitting through the same first-visit process of paperwork, paperwork, pictures, fingerprints, paperwork and payment. The least expensive tickets out of town/Colombia would take us to Quito, Ecuador, and so we decided on Thursday that we would skip town for a few days starting on Saturday and coming back on Thursday the 9th, today. To say it was a spur of the moment decision is to be correct.

A post on Quito is to come, but we’ve had a blast, here. We’re staying in the colonial city, which is well preserved and charming.

We also have bought so many knick-knacks and woven alpaca goods that I’m not sure what came over us. I think we went alpaca crazy. Case in point, I bought a sweater in a set of colors that are absolutely WRONG and I’m not sure why I was compelled to buy it. I have no way to defend this purchase, but I am so pleased with myself for now being the proud owner of a turquoise, blue and white alpaca zip-up sweatshirt. Who am I and what has this alpaca madness done to me?


One Response to “Inocentes, quitting Quito”

  1. Lea Anthony February 9, 2012 at 6:07 pm #

    Well, now I do not have to knit a piece in turqouise alpaca. Most l of my wool has some alpaca in it so you are really in the goods! I have a sprinkling of that color in my wardrobe because it pops. YOU are popping sweetheart! You do wear jewelry with turquoise so you must be comfortable with the color.

    So the kids visit Quito. Thanks for telling me when you are home safe. Please do not buy a turquoise cow hoof bottle opener, try to restrain yourselves in your future travel purchases.

    Now back to work, but not bored because you just had a new adventure. Let’s Skype soon and you can model your sweater 🙂

    Kisses and love, Mom

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