The bloomin’ inocentes

22 Mar

NOTE: This was one of three “decoy” posts so my mom didn’t know we were traveling and, thus, wouldn’t worry so much. But! She guessed correctly that we were out of the country, so these next two posts are ones that I’ve set up in order to throw her off the scent. BUT! They are still worth posting, here…

A month or so ago our friend Carlos and another Carlos (Carlocho–or something strangely similar–for reference) went on and on about these yellow trees that were blooming around the city. They scrolled through their Blackberries and subjected us to tens of pictures of these trees around town. Carlocho is a former lawyer who now does something with trees and urban planning (I think?), but I like to call him a tree lawyer (abogado de arboles) because I can sometimes get away with dumb stuff like that and I take what I can get when it comes to “sort of funny jokes in Spanish” ’round these parts.

During these weeks, Greg and I were cloistered in house, he working on deadlines, me working on work. We were in the throes of a “never leaving this house” phase, and had not noticed these brilliant, flowering trees because we hadn’t really left the complex/Carlos E. for some time (I know, I know. Glam!).

BUT! As luck would have it, we have a trio of these trees now flowering in Carlos E., further proving that if you don’t seek something out and wait long enough, it will come to you! Wait, that’s not a good message…

There are two trees on our side of Carlos E. and one tree on the other side, near where we lived when we first arrived and they. are. fabulous. From our vantage point up here, Carlos E. is a mess of brick and green tree tops, but these yellow trees in bloom are unmistakable. And when they shake off their flowers it gets everywhere, a blanket of yellow on the walkways, grassy knolls and streets. I’m sure it is a pain to clean and tidy, but oh my word, is it ever awesome to behold.

On our way to dinner in Carlos E., we stopped to have an impromptu photo shoot. Pics, below.

Also, two things I noticed after writing the entry:

  1. Carloses! Carlos, Carlocho and Carlos E., our barrio. So many Carloses!
  2. Carlos & Carlocho with their blackberries. iPhones haven’t really taken off here, yet. Blackberries are where it’s at, and there are so many blackberries here. In fact, the term “crackberry” (portmanteau of “crack” and “blackberry”, indicating the addictive nature of the smartphone) is popular, here.

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