Medellín mi Hogar / Medellín, my home

15 Apr

I’ve been laying low, taking my antibiotics and stomach acid relaxants like a good, recovering patient. We have around two months left, and it’s equally terrifying (how did this time pass so quickly?!), paralyzing (only two months! we have to do everything! or nothing!) and bittersweet (going home! leaving here…). It’s many emotions. Yep, I’m sick and emotional. It’s not really an advisable mix.

I was emailing with Tam to discuss the transfer of our apartment to her family when we leave / they arrive, and in her signature I finally noticed the link to the Duke Engage project from this past summer, Medellín Mi Hogar.

There are a few videos from the past summer, and the ones included on the page are only a portion of the ones in the final project (and those in the final project are only a fraction of the interviews the students went on during their time, here).

It’s hard to articulate how much I think you should watch these videos. You really, really should.  It’s not representative of our life here (which is unsurprisingly pretty insular), nor is it representative of everyone’s experience here, but I think it’s representative of the spirit of this place.

If you’re feeling down and need sort of a smack in the face before being picked up again, these videos are for you. It’s hard to pick any to specifically recommend, because they’re all so, so worthwhile. BUT, if I had to choose three to share, they would be these:

  • Grilling Arepas (because arepas! &tc)
  • The Necessity of Having a Home (because this family is sort of shamefully resilient and their story is amazing. And, bonus points, the daughter of the video was our tour guide during our ill-fated trip to Armenia (where I got sick); I haven’t watch the video in some time, so I didn’t recognize her (also, she has pink hair now), but I almost fell off of the couch when she came onto the screen). For a reference point, an “invasion” is how some barrios are created, when one barrio cannot hold the sheer amount of people trying to live there, people move to open space and literally live on the ground in makeshift homes until the government stops bulldozing their houses and grants them rights (and, you know, stops bulldozing)
  • My Princess

But, really, all of them are pretty amazing. If you can’t play the embedded videos, just go to the bottom of the video (where you press “play) and all the way to the right of the toolbar you will find the “YouTube” logo; click that and it will play in YouTube, which should work.

Okay, back to eating my feelings.


One Response to “Medellín mi Hogar / Medellín, my home”

  1. Lea Anthony April 16, 2012 at 3:47 am #

    My Princess. Sweet story and that green eyed fair skinned child knows such love from a morena and her family. There are good and loving people everywhere and impossible to know all the stories, so at least his one was told.

    Now you, Nina my princess, come home and let us love you as well.
    Kisses, Mom

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