The inocentes, vibrando

7 May

This Saturday we headed over to an all day music, food and beer festival at the Jardín Botanico, Vibra mi Tierra.

The festival was centered in the beautiful Orquideorama of the Jardín, which turns out to be perfectly crafted not only for sustaining orchid growth but also for housing festivals: the high wooden structure kept us in the shade during the day, shielded us from the rain in the evening and bounced the sound of the bands and the crowd right back down to us. Also, hanging out eating good food and listening to music among the orchids is pretty sweet.

We set up a few blankets near the stage and broke out a few bottles of wine to start the afternoon off right. After almost a year I still forget that alcohol laws in Medellín are pretty loose, and bringing wine to public spaces is not something that you need to hide…even if you bring, say, 8 bottles.

As the day progressed, the musical acts became more and more energizing and exciting. Crew Peligrosos (Dangerous Crew) is a hip hop act from Medellín. It was fun and sometimes really, really, funky (like, Parliament Funkadelic funk), with DJs, rappers and breakdancers woven throughout the performance. The message that they send is to try to combat violence with art, giving kids an outlet to learn to dance, write, play instruments, etc., in the hopes of bringing about change.

Next was Puerto Candelaria, another Medellín-based band whose production company helped sponsor the event (along with the brewery 3 Cordilleras). Their energy was absolutely infectious, and they knew how to work the crowd. At one point, they sang a song for the menfolk, only, “because men also have feelings! men also cry!”. The song amounted to a lot of “Ay yay yay yay yay”s and humming. There was a lot of cumbia, a lot of dancing in the crowd and on stage, and they closed with the theme song from Ghostbusters. Seriously. Later, I saw some guy with a Ghostbusters t-shirt, and I think he must have felt pretty freaking cool.

Puerto Candelaria’s website has a few videos they’ve produced, but to give you an idea of how kind of goofy and off-beat they are, this is a cumbia done entirely with bottles, sort of like a jug band. Mono Loco is another really fun, infectious song, but sometimes I think it might break my brain.

Wrapping up the night was Monsieur Periné, a band from Bogotá that was a mix of…everything. Jazz, blues, latin grooves, etc. While I was partial to the goofiness and good times of Puerto Candelaria, Greg was very much a fan of Monsieur Periné, as was the crowd.

At the end of the evening–danced out–we headed home in the rain.


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