The inocentes, hitting our favorite spots

14 May

The countdown to our departure from Medellín has always been ticking. It was optimistic and full of possibility in its earliest iterations (“We have eight months left!”) but now that we’ve crept under a month we spend much more time in reflection, privately and among our friends.

As with our trip to Guatapé, we want to make sure to hit all the iconic and important spots before we depart, things that we’ve put off since our arrival, knowing there would be enough time to get everything done. But by that same token, we also want to revel in some of our favorite things one last time.

Greg has busted out his fancy camera of late, taking snaps of the city. Normally, the fancy cam has been used for taking photos to accompany his articles. It was heavily used during our first months here, but we’ve been relying on my little digital cam to document much of what we’re up to. On our walks around the neighborhoods he has been bringing the camera along with us, trying to capture all of those things we see on the daily that we don’t necessarily stop to appreciate.

We still hang out at Camilo’s bar almost every Friday, like clockwork, enjoying cold beers and popcorn and watching Carlos E. fill up with its usual weekend revelers. Some days the mood and weather is perfectly reminiscent of our first days in Medellín and the nostalgia is almost overwhelming. This past Friday I met up with a friend for coffee and, afterwards, enjoyed a beer alone while waiting for Greg. People gave me a few odd looks (a woman sitting alone and drinking is an oddity. Also, I bought beer at a corner store the other day and Gloria lightly chastised me with “Women don’t buy beer. Qué feo, Nina!”) but overall the beer was crisp and the popcorn was nice and salty.

This Saturday, with Erika, we returned to one of our favorite restaurants, Mu. Our first trip to Mu came with Jota’s departure in August, and we returned with Brian during his trip to Medellín, enjoying plate after plate stacked with ribs and steak-cut fries. Our return to Mu came this Saturday, with Erika by our side. True to tradition, we sucked down mojitos and gnawed on ribs, our hands fashionably covered in plastic gloves.

There are grumblings of a few other trips to different towns in Antioquia and a few nights of partying before our departure, and for those we are excited. But first we have a week in Peru (and many pisco sours) to enjoy.


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