Lost cities, fancy photos

25 May

Greg has a fancy camera. It takes great pictures and he’s got an eye for framing things, and his snapshots are always a joy to look at.

Unfortunately, fancy cameras are often big and can be cumbersome to tote around in the hopes that something worth photographing might come along. They can also make you a target for just the kind of attention you want to avoid while traveling, so more often than not there is some justification to leaving the thing safely at home unless you’re certain the photo ops will be striking and plentiful.

The majority of the photos in this blog have been taken with my trusty digital cam, an Olympus Stylus something something. It’s perfect! I take it with us almost everywhere we go; just throw it in the purse and head out the door. If I’m dubious about safety and don’t want my beat-up purse drawing negative attention, I’ll ditch the satchel at home and tuck the camera into the breast pocket of my jacket: easy to access when necessary, a little too bold for most pick-pockets to hazard a try.

But when Greg totes the fancy cam, I’m always delighted to see what materializes. He took lots of snapshots of Machu Picchu (and–more importantly–lots of pictures of me. Thanks Greg!) that I wanted to share. I also came across a few other photos of our hike to Ciudad Perdida way back in the day and thought I’d include those, as well.

So, here you are: photos from two Pre-Columbian lost cities for the price of one blog post! All photo credits go to Greg. Model credit goes to me, Pre-Columbian lost cities, a few innocent bystanders and llamas. Always with the llamas.


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