The inocentes and many despedidas

3 Jun

We are saying farewell to something different every day. We probably enjoyed our last jugos at our favorite spot in the midday heat of Saturday. Today will be our last movie in the fancy “Premier” movie theater at the Tesoro. It looks like tomorrow, June 4th, will be our last full moon over Medellín.

Friday we had our last asado at Carlos’ lovely home in Envigado. Camilo made some amazing tri-tip (seriously, that man is a master of every grill he comes across) and by the end of the evening we were stuffed with chorizo, meat, arepas and cheese. The cheese is the weirdest part: it’s a firm block of quesito that they douse with barbecue sauce and then throw right on the grill. It’s amazing.

Last night we had our last evening of going out drinking & dancing. We started at our apartment and welcomed friends throughout the night, whether they could come out and dance or not. There were many toasts and lots of laughter. Later on, we went to Parque Lleras in the Poblado to do what we call a recorrido/ruta de shots. There are a lot of small, semi-outdoor bars that specialize in shots, so you can enjoy the evening in the opening air while still partying. You can take a shot somewhere and decide to go dancing somewhere else; it’s perfect (when you do it correctly) and it was a perfect evening to spend with our friends.

We danced a little at Buena Vista, which is a fabulous club for salsa. The walls are papered with newspaper and the chairs are these charming, plush quasi-wicker-porch-furniture things.

The night ended at one of my favorite places, Caneca. It’s decorated with furniture made of recycled materials, lamps made of plastic bottles or mason jars and tables pieced together from whatever material serves the purpose. The music is great, and the crowd (customers and employees, alike) have a great time singing, dancing and laughing all night.

And, of course, in-between there were shots of…whatever. Vodka, whiskey, a beer here and there, some kind of ginger liquor; you name it, we “cheers!'”d to every one of ’em.

Every time we say goodbye to our friends at the end of the night, we hug them a little tighter than normal, not knowing what craziness the next few days might hold. A “despedida” is essentially a “going-away” or “farewell”, and in these past few days (and the ones that are coming) the despedidas are many–to people, things, food, places; you name it, we’ll despedir it. And pretty soon, we’ll be on the other side of that despedir in California, easing back into “normal” life…whatever that “normal” might be 😉


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