The inocentes, collecting their things

5 Jun

We arrived with two bags apiece. Our friend Jota picked us up at the airport, took a look at our backpacks and handbags and asked us where the rest of our bags were hiding.

“That’s all you brought for a year?”


And, really, we didn’t need to bring much. With the perfect weather, I could have left a few more items at home and made it through the year with a few shirts, pants a dress and scarf or two.

But now? We’ve got a lot of stuff. Most of the things that we’re trying to pack are Greg’s are cumbersome: art work, books and souvenirs of varying shapes and sizes. Our original bags are now stuffed to the brim, ready to head back home, so for the overflow we headed down to the hueco, where you can find anything.

And boy, did we find something. This is our suitcase/my new office.


One Response to “The inocentes, collecting their things”

  1. Lea Anthony June 5, 2012 at 8:17 pm #

    AAHHHHAAAAAAAAA! Good Luck guys. Hey..where is the goat foot bottle opener?

    That is a sure to please gift!

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